Janeen's Surnames

Davis/Wilcox Family
Dad’s Paternal side: England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland
States they lived in: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Vermont, Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, Indiana.
Anthorne- Cornwall, England
Allgar- Essex, England, Bridget married Robert White, never came to America, daughter, Mary White Loomis came to Windsor, CT. in 1638, her husband co-founder of Windsor.
Bagley- Quakers,  England, Birmingham, Chester Co., PA.
Brinton- Quakers, Staffordshire, EnglandBirmingham, Chester Co., PA.
Bronson- Essex, England, Plymouth Co., MA., Hartford Co., CT., Mary Bronson came with her brothers to New England after her father’s death, she was 14, her mother had died a few years after her birth. She got into some trouble with the Oldham boys while in Plymouth and at 18 she married Nicholas Disbough, an older man, and they had 5 girls together.
Bruchett- Dorset, England, Boston, Massachusetts, Christobel Bruchett Gallop came 1633 on Griffin with her children, her husband already in Boston. Christobel was afraid to come, and her husband was going to come back to England, but Gov Winthrop sent a letter to her preacher and said please talk her into coming, as John Gallop is very important to us. She finally came, as her and her husband joined the Boston Church.
Buell- Huntingdonshire, England, Massachusetts, Hartford and Killingworth, CT. William Buell and his Wife in Oct. 1650 were indicted in Plymouth Colony as Baptist.  Continuing their meeting from house to house on the lord's Day contrary to the order of the Court; however, it does not appear that any punishment was inflicted. William was co-founder of Windsor, CT.
Bushnell-Berkshire, England, Massachusetts.
Carminow- Cornwall, England
Christison-  Baltimore Co., MD., Casey and Lincoln Co., KY., Livingston Co., Missouri {Scottish name}
Cockrell/Cottrell- England, early Virginia. 
Collamore- Devon, England
Crutchfield – Goochland Co., VA., Clark Co., KY., Putnam and Montgomery Co., IN.
Cruttenden- Kent, England, New Haven and Middlesex Co., CT.
Cullom- Baltimore and Frederick Co., MD., Clark Co., KY.
Davis- Amherst Co., VA., Shelby, Madison, and Cumberland Co., KY., Jennings, Boone, and Montgomery Co., IN.
Disbourgh- Essex, England, Massachusetts, Hartford Co., CT.
Estes- England, King and Queen co., VA. and Goochland co., VA.
Frye- Dorset Co., England
Fryer- Calvert Co., Maryland
Gallop-Dorset, England, Boston, Massachusetts. John came 1630 on Mary and John.
Garrold- Suffolk, England
Gaylord- Devon, England, Somerset and Hartford Co., CT.
Gray- England, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, Newport Co., RI, Middlesex Co., CT.
Gregson- Derbyshire, England
Griswold-Warwickshire, England, Hartford and Middlesex Co., CT.
Hamilton- Talbot and Baltimore Co., MD., Lincoln and Casey Co., KY. {Scottish name}
Hammond- Suffolk, England
Harris- Devon, England, Hartford, CT.
Harry- Quaker,  Monmouthshire, Wales, Chester Co., PA.
Hicks-London, England,
Hill- England
Hopkins- England, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Middlesex, CT.
Hubble- Worchestshire, England, Strafield and Bridgeport, CT.
Hull- Plymonth, Devonshire, England,  Hartford, Fairfield and Middlesex Co., CT. 
Joy- England, Plymouth, Massachsetts, Middlesex Co., CT.
Kelsey- Essex Co., England, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Middlesex, CT.
Killegrewe- Cornwall and Dorset, England
LetticeWest Riding, Yorkshire,England, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Loomis- Essex, England, Windsor,Hartford Co., CT. Joseph co-founder of Windsor.
Marchant- Yeovil, Somerset, England, Kent, Rhode Island
Meigs- Dorset Co., England, Middlesex Co., CT.
MitchellDorset and Somerset Co., England
Murley- Ireland, Chester and Augusta Co., VA., Greenbrier Co., West VA., Cumberland Co., KY.
Northcraft- Prince George and Frederick Co., MD.
Owen #1- Wales, New Castle, PA., Frederick, Prince George and Montgomery Co., MD., Clark Co., KY.
Owen #2- Quaker,  Montgomeryshire, Wales, Birmingham, Chester Co., PA.
Parye- Essex, England
Petit- Cornwall, England
Pike- Cheshire Co., England
Poore - Goochland Co., VA.
Post- England, Windsor, Hartford Co., CT., Mary married William Buell, co-founder of Windsor, CT.
Sheather- England, New Haven, CT,
Smith- England, Newport, RI.
Spencer- Bedfordshire, England, Massachusetts, Hartford, CT.
Stevens- Warwick Co., England, New Haven, Guilford and Middlesex, CT., and New Hampshire
Trippe-Suffolk, England
Trail- Scotland, Montgomery Co., Maryland
Trewinnard- Cornwall, England
Wakeman-Worcesstershire, England,
Wellman- England, Killingworth, CT.
Westcott- Devon, England, Portsmouth, Rhode Island
Wilcox- England, William came on the Planter, 1630, Massachusetts, Killingworth, Ct., Addison Co., VT., Livingston Co., Missouri
Williams- Goochland Co., VA.
White- Essex Co., England, Windsor, CT.
Whitebread- Bedfordshire, England
Wynn - Prince George and Montgomery Co., Maryland
Group 2:
Dad’s Maternal side: England, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, France
States they lived in: Massachusetts, Delaware, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana.
Avery- EnglandNew London, CT., Essex, Massachusettes
Baynard-Quaker, Somersetshire, England, Talbot and Caroline Co., Maryland
Beals- Quaker- North Durham, England, Chester Co., PA., Baltimore, Cecil, Prince George, and Frederick Co., MD., Surry Co., NC., Highland Co., Ohio
BlackwellQuaker, Talbot Co., MD.
Bowater- QuakerBromgrove, Worester, England, Chester Co., PA.
Browne- Sussex and Kent  Co., Delaware
Calloway- Quaker- NC, Fayette Co., Ohio
Chaney- Anne Arundel Co., MD., Highland, Clinton, and Green Co., Ohio
Chipman- Dorset, England, Barnstable. MA., Kent, Delaware and Guilford Co., NC.
Clarke- Quaker-Dublin, Ireland, Salem, New Jersery,Portsmith, Rhode Island, Sussex Co., Delaware
Clayton- Quaker- Boxgrove, Sussex , England, Chester Co., PA.
Cook- Quaker- Cheshire, England, York, Chester and Buck Co., PA.
Cordery England,Sussex Co., Delaware
Cuvellier- France, Holland, New Amsterdam, New York
Day- Yorkshire, England, Bucks and York Co., PA., Maryland, Brown Co., Ohio, Hamilton, Marion, Grant, Rush, Madison,Randolph Co., IN.
Denison- Hertfordshire, England, Roxbury, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts
Edge- Quaker- Cheshire, England, Chester Co., PA.
Evans- Anne Arundel Co., Maryland
Felle- Bucks Co., PA.
Freeman- Northampshire, England, New London, Connecticut
GareyQuaker, Talbot Co., Maryland {Scottish name}
Gore- Dorchester Co., Maryland
Gowland- Yorkshire, England
Greenslade- Devon, England, Boston, Massachusetts, New London, CT.
Hart- Scotland, Sussex Co., Delaware
Harwood-Quaker,  Talbot Co., MD.
Horney-Quaker, England, Talbot and Caroline Co., MD.,  NC, Fayette Co., Ohio
Howland-Essex, England, John came over on Mayflower
Huff- Brown Co., Ohio
Hurst- England, Plymouth, Massachusetts, Joan Hurst Tilley, came on Mayflower, died first winter.
Jackson- Quaker- Ireland, county Antrim, Chester Co., PA., Stokes and Surry Co., NC., Highland Co., Ohio
Keezer- Logan and Ross Co., Ohio, brick wall.
Kinnamon- Dundee, Scotland, Talbot and Dorchester, MD., Ross Co., Ohio
Lankford- London, England, Chester Co., PA.
Manlove- Quaker- Wales, Sussex Co., Delaware
Minor- England, Plymouth, Massachusetts, Stonington, CT. {co-founder}
Norman – Cheschire Co., England, daughter, Elinor married Peter Cook {who died at sea} coming to America,  She was a Quaker.
Palmer- Somerset England, Charlestown, Massachusetts, Rehoboth, Massachusetts, Stonington, CT. {co-founder}
Pemberton- Sussex Co., Delaware
Robins- Northampton Co., PA., Maryland, Kent Co., Delaware
Saxton- Boston, Massachusetts, Stonington, Connecticut
Skiff- England, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts
Snow- England, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Steen- Marion Co., IN., brick wall.
Tilley- England, Plymouth, Massachusetts, Mayflower, died first Winter.
Thompson- Northampshire, England, Roxbury, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts
Underwood- Quakers- England, New Castle, Delaware,Anne Arundel Co., MD., York Co.,PA.
VerPlanck- Holland, New Amsterdam, New York
Vigne-France, Holland, New Amsterdam, New York
Walker- London,England,  Elizabeth Walker Warren came on the Anne. Her husband came on Mayflower.
Warren-London, England, Richard came on Mayflower
Worral- Cheshire Co., England, she was married to Johannes Norman. Their daughter married Peter Cook,  Peter and Elinor Norman Cook came to America with 9 children but Peter died at sea. They were Quakers.

Group 3:
Long/Powers Family: England, Ireland, Holland,  Germany
States They lived in: New York, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana.
Mom’s Paternal side:
Arjke- Holland, NY, NC, Dorothy Arjke Conkright went to Clark Co., KY.
Burk- Bath Co., KY., Elizabeth married Edward Parker
Burton-Colonial Tidewater Virginia {Henrico Co.}, Wilkes Co., NC.- John owned 300 acres plantation called Longfield, north of James River, son Robert had 1,600 acres in 1701, Son of Robert, Hutchins had 2,500 acre plantation and 22 plus slaves, his son, Richard went to Wilkes Co., NC.
Brouwer- Germany,Kings, New York
Conkright- Holland, Newton Long Island, NY, Tarrytown, New York, Merchlenburg Co., NC., Clark and Montgomery Co., KY.
Cooke- England, Colonial Tidewater Virginia {Gloucester and Essex}
Corah-Polly marry Joshua Grayson 1823 Bath Co., KY.Her mother was Sarah Corah.
Cordray- England
Cornett- Grayson co., VA., Polly married Samuel Long.
Cox- Fauquier Co., VA., Malinda Cox mart Robert Garret and went to Montgomery Co., KY.
Day- Franklin Co.,Virginia, Floyd and Morgan Co., KY.
Evans - Dorchester Co., MD.
Frisby- Virginia, Morgan and Menifee Co., KY.
Garrett - Colonial Tidewater VA. {Prince William Co.},  Montgomery Co., KY.
Goddard- England
Goring- England
Grayson- Montgomery Co., KY.
Halbert - Colonial Tidewater Virginia, {Essex and Caroline Co.}
Haynes - Colonial Tidewater Virginia { Caroline,  King and Queen} Spotylvania and Beford Co., VA., Wilkes Co., GA., Appalachian area of Surry, North Carolina and  Russell/Wise/Dickenson Co., VA.
Hendricks - Holland, New Amsterdam, New York
Hill- Maryland,  Colonial Tidewater, VA. {Middlesex and Caroline Co.}, Appalachian area of Surry and Stokes, NC.
Hutchins - Nottinghamshire, England, Colonial Tidewater, VA. {Henrico Co.}
Ironmonger-England,  Colonial Tidewater, VA. {Gloucester}
Jackson- Va., Clark Co., KY., Pulaski Co., KY.
Jones- England, Colonial Tidewater VA.
Kingsmill- England
Lawrence - North and South Carolina, Grayson Co., VA.
Long-  Ashe Co., NC., Grayson, Rusell/Wise, Montgomery,Co., VA., Johnson and Montgomery Co., KY., Montgomery Co., IN.
McCarty- Bath Co., KY.
Newman- Tidewater Colonial VA. {Gloucester}
Page -Essex, England, Colonial Tidewater, VA.{Rappahannock}
Parker- Pitt Co., NC., Edward was at Boonesborough, KY., 
Pell- England, Colonial Tidewater Virginia {Rappahanock, Essex}
Phelps- Bedford Co., VA.
Phillips - Cornwall, England, Dorchester Co., MD., NC., Montgomery Co., KY.
Phipps- Ashe and Wilkes Co., NC,Wise/Dickson, VA.
Powers - Bath, Morgan, Menifee Co., KY. and Montgomery Co., IN. { maybe Fayette and Montgomery Co., KY., Rowan Co., NC., Frederick Co., VA., and New Castle, Delaware}
Prunty - Ireland, Franklin Co., VA.Morgan Co., KY.
Reeves -   Grayson Co., VA.
Ronde - Holland, Tarrytown, New York
Rycken -Holland, New Amsterdam
Seymour- England
Singleton-  Colonial Tidewater, Virginia {Caroline, Gloucester Co.}
Smithers-  Colonial Tidewater Virginia {Caroline Co.}
Theunis - Holland, New Amsterdam
Wells - PA., Montgomery and Bath Co., KY.
White - Ashe Co., NC., Grayson Co., VA., Breathitt Co., KY.

Group 4:
States they lived in: Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana.
Mom’s Maternal Side: England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany
Allen- Colonial Tidewater, VA. {Richmond, King George}
Bridwell- England, Stafford Co., VA.
Bruce- England, Colonial Tidewater, VA. {Rappahannock}
Campbell- Scotland, Virginia, Green Co., KY.
Cheney - Colonial Tidewater, VA. {New Kent and Henrico}, Randolph Co., NC.
Dentzer - Germany, Germantown, PA.
Eschmann- Gemany, Bucks Co., PA.
Farris – Scotland,VA., NC., Colonial Tidewater Virginia{Richmond, Halifax}, Pittsylvania Co., VA., Green/Taylor Co., KY.
Forbes- Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Freeman - Quaker, Chester Co., PA., Orange and Surry Co., NC.
Giegel - Germany
Hamilton- Ireland, Greenbrier Co., VA.
Harvey- Quaker, Randolph and Orange Co., NC.
Henckel- Germany, Germantown, PA., German Valley, Pendleton,West Virginia
Hobson- Quakers,  England, Frederick Co.,VA., Chester Co., PA., Chatham Co., NC., Burlington Co., NJ., Orange Co., NC., Clinton Co., Oh., Orange, Vigo, Tippecanoe and Montgomery Co., IN.
Houlston- Quaker, Stafforshire, England, Chester Co., PA., NC
Horseman- England, Monmouth, Hunterdon, and Burlington, NJ.
Hunt- England, Colonial Tidewater, Virginia,{York and Hailfax},Green/Taylor Co., KY.
Huston- Montgomery Co., Ohio- brick wall.
Johnson- Aberdeenshire, Scotland,Colonial Tidewater, VA. {New Kent},Augusta Co., VA., Wake Co., NC., Montgomery and Clinton Co., IN.
Keith- Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Kinnison- Quaker- Chester Co., PA.
Mann-Ireland, Botetourt Co., VA., Greenbrier Co., VA.
Orrick- Ireland, Randolph Co., NC., Sarah married Francis Cheney.
Passmore- Quaker- Surry Co., NC., Rebecca marry Samuel Freeman, 1791.
Payne- Hunterdon Co., NJ., Nelson, Washington, and Green Co., KY.
Rivers- Virginia, Green/Taylor Co., KY., Montgomery Co., IN.
Robinson - Colonial Tidewater, VA. {York and Hailfax}, Rachel married Joseph Hunt
Savage- England, Colonial Tidewater, VA. {Gloucester}
Settle-England, Colonial Tidewater Virginia {Richmond, King George}
Simms- Stafford Co., VA., Montgomery and Sullivan Co., IN.
Shively- Virginia, Green Co., KY.
Short – Sussex Co., England, Colonial Tidewater, VA. {Charles, , Henrico, Halifax, }, Chesterfield, Surry, Pittsylvania Co., VA., Green/Taylor Co., KY.
Sullivan- Probably Ireland, Colonial Tidewater Virginia { King George} Hardin and Green Co., KY.
Stafford- England, Colonial Tidewater, VA. {Gloucester}
Strother- Colonial Tidewater, VA. {Westmoreland, Richmond, King George}
Taylor- Quaker, Cheshire, England, Chester Co., PA.
Thornton-Quaker- Chester Co., PA.
Tunstall - Colonial Tidewater, VA., Rachel married Ambrose Hunt and came to Green Co., KY.
Wilkerson- Colonial Tidewater, Virginia{King George}
Williams- Quaker, Chester Co., PA., Chatham Co., NC.
Wood - England, Monmouth Co., NJ.
Wooley- Botetourt Co., VA., Washington and Green Co., KY.

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