Joe's Surnames

Joe Proctor's Family for Michael's DNA matches on 23andme:
Dad’s Paternal line: EnglandScotland, Holland, Switzerland, Germany
USA States:CT.,IN.,KY, MO.,NC., NJ, NY.,OH, PA., SC.
Baird- Scotland , Monmouth Co., NJ., Butler Co., Ohio
Beach-Devon, England, Fairfield Co., CT.
Bennatyne- Scotland
Bennett - Butler Co., Ohio
Buckmaster- Bedfordshire, England
Brenneman- SwitzerlandGermanyLancasterPA.- Mennoites, Anabaptist.
Carson- Scotland, York Co.,PA.,Washington Co.,VA., Rockcastle Co., KY.
Cornell- Essex, England, Portsmouth, RI, Queens, NY
Craig- Scotland, Monmouth Co., NJ.,Butler Co., Ohio, Putnam Co., IN., Presbyterians.
Crooks- Scotland, Washington Co., PA.,Bath Co., KY., Presbyterians.
Dysart- Washington and Albemarle Co., VA.
Evans - Maryland, Washington Co., VA., Rockcastle Co., KY.
Fairchild- EnglandColonial New England, Baptist. 
Foster- Albemarle Co., VA.,  Rockcastle Co., KY.
Goble - Sussex,England, Massachusetts, Morris Co., NJ., Berkley Co., SC.
Good- Germany, Lancaster Co., PA., Mennoites.
Hampton- QuakerScotland, Monmouth Co., New Jersey, his daughter was Presbyterian.
Houghton - Devon and Bedfordshire, England, Massachusetts
Humphrey- Albemarle Co., VA.
Jackson - Long Island, New York, Anson and Ashe Co., NC.,Wayne and Montgomery Co., IN., Baptist.
Lawrence- Stonington, CT., Pawling, Dutchess Co., NY., Montgomery Co., VA., Rockcastle Co., KY.
Lewis- PA., Butler Co., Ohio,Putnam Co., IN., Jasper Co., Missouri, Montgomery Co., IN.
Masterson- Ky., Butler Co., Ohio, Montgomery Co., IN.
Proctor-  Albemarle Co., VA.,Rockcastle Co., KY., Montgomery Co., IN. 
Reynolds - Albemarle Co., VA.,  Lincoln Co., KY., Rockcastle Co., KY.
Rhea - Scotland, Monomouth Co., New Jersey, Presbyterians.
Rhodes- Lancaster Co., PA., Augusta Co., VA.
Roberts- Bedfordshire, England
Shanklin- Augusta and Rockingham Co., VA., Bath Co., KY., Montgomery Co., IN., Presbyterians.
Verney- England
Walker- Gloucestershire, England, Rockingham, NH
Watson- Rockcastle and Lincoln Co.,KY.
Woolsey- England, Queens, NY

Dad’s Maternal line: EnglandScotland, IrelandGermany, France,Holland
USA States: IN.,MD.,NC., NJ.,NY., OH.,PA.,TN.,VA.
Bane- Quaker- Ireland, Chester Co., PA., 
Barker- NC., Putnam Co.,IN.
Bridgewater - Quaker, Burke Co., NC., Putnam Co., IN.
Browne- Monmouth Co., NJ., Goshen, NY.
Burke-QuakerIreland, Chester Co., PA.
Chadwick - Quaker, Maryland, Burke Co.,NC.
Coleman - New Jersey, Montgomery Co., IN.
Crane- PA., Preble Co., Ohio, Montgomery Co., IN.
Duvall- French name, Preble Co.,Ohio
Eggers - Germany, Monmouth Co., NJ, Orange Co., NY., Asheand Rowan Co., NC., Wayne and Hendricks Co., IN., Baptist. 
Harmon- Hamilton Co., Ohio
Jacobs- Hamilton Co., Ohio, Indiana
Lewellen- VA., Preble Co., Ohio, Montgomery Co., IN.
McCloud- Scottish name, Prince George, Maryland, TN., VA., Morgan, Hendricks, Putnam,and Montgomery Co., IN., Primitive Baptist.
Morphew- Quakers, Surry, Wilkes and Ashe Co., NC., Augusta Co., VA., Putnam Co., IN.
Rider - Orange Co., NY
Stump- Campbell Co., KY., Montgomery Co.,In.
Stout- Nottinghamshire, England, Long Island, New York, Monmouth Co., NJ, Baptist.
Talbot-Campbell Co., KY., Montgomery Co.,In.
VanPrincis- Holland, Long Island, New York, Monmouth Co., NJ. Penelope VanPrincis Kent Stout, dubbed Mother of Middletown, New Jersey's most famous survivor. Baptist.

Mom’s Paternal line: GermanyEngland France, Holland, Wales, Moravia,Czech Republic, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria
USA States: IN.,KY., MD.,NY.,OH., PA., VA.
Allgaier- Germany
Balck - Holland, New York
Bording - Holland, Denmark, New Amsterdam
Borroway - Germany, Lancaster Co., PA., Tuscarawas Co., Ohio
Buress - Wayne Co., IN.
Chadwick - PA., Fleming Co., KY., Montgomery Co., IN.
Christmas - Surrey, England, Stafford Co., VA., Colonial Tidewater VA.{ Hanover Co.}
Cuvellier- France
Demuth- Moravia, Czech Republic, Savannah, Georgia,Lancaster Co., PA., Tuscarawas Co., Ohio. Barbara Pierce Bush is also related to the Demuth's. My husband and Barbara are 5th cousins,once removed. George W. Bush is his 6th cousin, they share the Czech roots of Christopher Demuth and Sussanah Catherine Klein.
Eschenbach - Germany, Lehigh Co., PA.
Fenner- SwitzerlandGermany, PA., Tuscarawas Co., Ohio
Friedrich- Lancaster Co., PA.
Fry - Germany, Frederick Co., MD., Montgomery and Lebanon Co., PA., Tuscarawas and Coshocton Co., Ohio, Montgomery and Tippecanoe Co., Indiana
Ginther - Swartzwald, Germany, Lancaster Co., PA., Tuscarawas Co., Ohio
Graeter - Baden, Germany
Grob - Switzerland, Frederick Co., MD.
Gutsler - Hilsheim, Germany, Lancaster Co., PA., shares this line with Barbara Pierce Bush.
Haagen- Heidelberg,Germany
Haga - Lancaster Co., PA., Tuscarawas Co., Ohio
Higgason - England,Colonial Tidewater VA. {Hanover Co.}, Shelby Co., KY., Montgomery Co., IN.
Hopper - Kentucky, Montgomery Co., IN.
Klein - Zweibrucken,Germany, Northampton Co., PA., shares this line with Barbara Pierce Bush.
Knauss -Hessen, Germany, Montgomery and Lehigh Co., PA.
Lloyd - Wales, Philadelphia, PA.
Phillippe- Germany
Ranc/Ranck- Paris, France, Wuerttenberg, Germany, Lancaster Co., PA., Tuscarawas Co., Ohio
Remey- Ivory and Picardy,France, Colonial Tidewater, VA.{Westmoreland Co.}
Romig - Heidelberg, Germany, Amityville, PA., Lehigh Co., PA., Northampton Co., PA.
Renz - Baden, Germany
Schenk- Switzerland, Lancaster Co., PA.
Schwab- Hiedelberg, Germany, Lancaster Co., PA., Paradise, York Co., PA.
Siegfried - Germany, Berks and Lehigh Co., PA.
Stauffer- Wartenburg, Germany, Lancaster Co., PA.
Thomas - Wales, Berks and Lancaster Co., PA., shares this line with Barbara Pierce Bush.
Thompson- Virginia
Transou - Germany, Lehigh Co., PA.
Tonn- Austria, Herrnhut, Germamy. Rosina Tonn married Gottileb Demuth, also ancestors of Barbara Pierce Bush.
Uhrich - Germany, Lebanon Co., PA.
VanHook - Germany, NY, NJ, NC, Ky., Montgomery Co., IN.
VanTienhoven- Holland, New Amsterdam
Vigne-  Valenciennes,France , New Amsterdam
Whaley - Colonial Tidewater VA.{ Westmoreland and New Kent}Fairfax and Loudoun Co., VA.
Williams - Lancaster Co., PA.
White- Colonial Tidewater VA. { Hanover Co.}
Wolfhardt- Heidelberg, Germany, Lancaster Co., PA.

EnglandIreland, Holland, Germany
USA States: IN., Iowa, MD.,NC., NH., NJ.,OH., PA.,RI.,TN.
Mom’s Maternal line:
Bailey-  England
Beals- Quaker, England, Chester Co., PA., Prince George, MD.,Stokes Co., NC.
Beard- Quaker, Ireland , Randolph and Guilford Co., NC., Wayne and Montgomery Co., IN.
Borton - Quaker, Northamptonshire, England, Burlington, NJ.
Bridwell - England, Stafford Co., VA.
Breaks- England, Montgomery Co., IN. {non-colonial American,came abt 1820 to America}
Byrd- Virginia, Warren Co., Ohio, Montgomery Co., IN., Methodist.
Chesterson - Virginia, Butler Co., Ohio, Montgomery Co., IN., Lutheran.
Devers- Lancaster and Chester Co., PA.
Dickerson - Butler Co., Ohio
Dicks- Quaker, Guilford Co., NC., York Co., PA., Randolph Co., NC.
Dungan- Ireland, Bucks Co., PA., Baptist
Drake - Devon, England, NH., Middlesex NJ., Bucks Co., PA., Baptist.
Everitt/ Everett- Hunterdon Co., NJ., Bucks Co., PA., Montgomery Co., IN., Monroe and Madison Co., Iowa
Freeborn- England, Colonial New England {Boston}, Portsmouth, RI.
Grimes - Green Co., TN., Cass and Montgomery Co., IN. {may be non-colonial American, was in TN. in 1809}, United Brethern.
Hellings - Holland, New Amsterdam, Bergen,NJ., Buck Co., PA.
Hunt- Quaker, England, PA., Burlington Co., NJ., Bucks Co., PA., Guildford Co., NC.
Knopp - Suffolk Co., England, Rockingham Co., NH.
Latham - Northamptonshire and Befordshire, England, Newport, RI.
Linn- Ireland, Pennsylvania, Hamilton and Butler Co., Ohio, Montgomery Co., IN., Methodist.
Philbrick - Suffolk, England, Rockingham, NH.
Powers - Hamilton and Butler Co., Ohio, Montgomery Co., IN.
Pritchard - Bucks Co., PA.
Simms - Stafford Co., VA., Sullivan and Montgomery Co., IN.
Skiles - Lancaster and Allegheny Co., PA., Butler Co., Ohio
Snyder - Green Co., TN. {may be non-colonial American, was in TN. in 1813}
Vester - Prussia, Germany, Vanderburgh and Sullivan Co., IN.{non-colonial American,came abt 1820 to America}
Walker - Gloucestershire, England, Rockingham, NH.
Weaver - England, Colonial Newport, RI. and Bucks Co., PA.
Woolman- QuakerGloucestershire, England, Burlington, NJ.