Books I have that have been published about my families:
1. The Simms Family Of Stafford Co., Virginia complied by W.K. Hall and Wilma Chappell
2.The Chaney Families of Highland Co., Ohio, complied by Richard Flinn
3.The Hobson Family Lineage, Descendants of George and Elizabeth Hobson complied by Jay W. Hobson
4.The Descendants of William Short, Across America complied by Delores M. Lind, 1998
5. Betebenner-Horney and Allied Families complied by Evelyn Halkyard Vohland
6. Conkwright {Krankheydt, Cronkhite, Cronkwrite,ect}complied by Bessie Taul Conkwright
7. The Phipps Family of North Carolina and Virginia complied by John C. Mullins
8. Rivers Ancestry complied by Charles Littleton Groom
9.The Kinnamon Family in America complied by Lester B. Kinnamon
10.KinFolks falling off the family tree, The Search for My Melungeon Ancestors - Lisa Alther, 2007
11. The Melungeons- The Resurrection of a Proud People-N. Brent Kennedy
12.Walking Toward the Sunset- The Melungeons of Appalachia- Wayne Winkler
13.Mayflower- a story of courage,community,and war-  Nathaniel Philbrick
14. Chipman Family
My husband's family:
1. The Higgason Family of Virginia and Kentucky complied by Gladys Higgason Wells, 2008
Informative reading:
1. The Seven Daughters of Eve - Bryan Sykes
2.Saxton, Vikings and Celts- The Genetic Roots of Britian and Ireland- Bryan Sykes
For Reference:
1. Montgomery Co., Kentucky, marriage Bonds 1864-1881, vol 1 by Thelma M. Dunn
2.Montgomery Co., Kentucky School Census 1897-1898 by Thelma M. Dunn
3. Montgomery Co., Kentucky marriage bonds, 1881-1896, vol 2 by Thelma M. Dunn
4. Ohio marriages, extracted from The Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly, edited by Marjorie Smith
5. Early Ohio tax Records by Esther Weygandt Powell
6. History of Frederick county Maryland Vol 1 and 2 by T.J.C. Williams and Folger McKinsey
7.1800-1840 U.S. Census Ashe county, North Carolina
8. 1820-1840 U.S. Census Bath county, Kentucky
9.Dictionary of Irish Family names by Ida Grehan
10. Our Town, a heartland lynching, a haunted town, and the history of white America by Cynthia Carr {about Grant Co., Indiana where my grandma grew up}