Saturday, January 28, 2012

For Mom's 23 and me matches

Kentucky {A =Appalachia}
Bath {A}- Parker, Powers, Wells, Grayson, Frisby,Burk, Carah, McCarty, Waddle
Clark {A}- Conkright, Jackson
Fayette- Power
Floyd {A}- Day, Long
Garrard {A}- Wooley
Green {A}- Campbell, Rivers, Shivley, Short, Sullivan, Hunt, Payne
Hardin- Sullivan
Jessamine - Jackson, Phillips
Johnson {A}- Long
Madison {A}- Parker
Maggoffin {A}- Long
Menifee {A}- Powers, Frisby
Montgomery {A}- Conkright, Frisby, Powers, Garrett, Long, Phillips, Powers
Morgan {A}- Day, Long, Frisby, Powers, Wells
Pulaski {A}- Campbell, Jackson
Powell {A}- Long, Conkright
Taylor- Rivers, Shively, Short, Sullivan
Washington - Mann, Payne, Rivers, Shively, Wooley

Virginia {A =Appalachia}
Augusta- Campbell, Mann, Johnston,  Phares
Bedford-Haynes, Phelps
Botetourt {A}- Mann, Murley, Wooley
Brunswick- Farris
Caroline {Tidewater}- Halbert, Haynes, Hill, Smithers, Singleton
Chesterfield- Short, Reeves, Burton
Dickenson {A}- Haynes
Essex {Tidewater}- Halbert, Reeves, Cooke, Pell
Fauquier- Cox, Garrett
Franklin- Day, Prunty
Frederick- Hobson, Power {Poor/Poar}
Gloucester {Tidewater}- Singleton, Crowe, Iremonger, Cooke
Grayson {A}- Long, Lawrence, Reeves, Burton, Cornette, Lawrence
Hailfax- Hunt, Farris, Short
Henrico {Tidewater}- Burton, Allen, and Pleasants {maybe} Hutchins, Cheney, Short
King George {Tidewater}- Allen, Settle, Sullivan, Strother, Wikerson
King and Queen {Tidewater}- Garrett
Lunenburg- Farris
Montgomery {A}- Long,
Middlesex {Tidewater} Hill
New Kent {Tidewater}- Johnston, Walker, Cheney, Page {maybe}
Pittsylvania- Short, Farris
Prince William- Garrett, Cox
Rappahannock {Tidewater}- Page {maybe}
Rockingham- Long, Phares
Russell {A}- Long, Haynes
Surrey- Hill, Short
Stafford- Simms, Bridwell
Washington {A}- Long, Rivers, Shively
Wise {A}- Long, Haynes, Phipps, White
York {Tidewater}- Jones

West Virginia{A =Appalachia}
Pendleton {A}- Henckel, Phares
Greenbrier {A}- Hamilton, Mann

North Carolina {A =Appalachia}
Alleghany {A}- Phipps
Ashe {A}- Long, Phipps, Reeves, Lawrence
Chatham-Hobson, Kinninson, Williams
Guilford – Hobson
Merchlenbrug- Conkright
Orange- Hobson, Harvey, Freeman
Pitt- Parker
Randolph- Harvey, Cheney, Orrick
Rowan- Power {Poor/Poar}
Surry {A}- Freeman, Hill, Haynes, Hobson
Stokes {A}- Haynes
Wake- Henckel, Johnston
Wilkes {A}- Burton {maybe}
Elbert- Johnston

Montgomery- Huston

Chester-, Freeman, Kinnison, Hobson, Houlston, Taylor, Thornton, Williams = all Quakers
Philadelpia- Hunt, Henckel, Phares, Dentzer, Eschmann
Bedford- Huston, Johnson

New Jersey
Burlington- Horseman, Phares, Hobson
Hunterdon- Horseman, Payne
Monmouth- Horseman

New York

Amsterdam – Conkright
Kings- Brouwer
Newton Long Island- Conkright
Westchester- {Tarrytown}- Conkright

New Castle- Power {Poor/Poar}, Hollaway

Caroline- Waddle

Clinton- Johnson
Fountain- Rivers
Johnson- Rivers
Lawrence- Simms
Montgomery- Frisby, Hobson, Johnson, Long,  Simms, Rivers, Powers
Orange-Hobson, Simms
Vigo- Simms


Aberdeen- Johnston, Phares, Keith, Gorden, Forbes
Lanarkshire- Farris
Midlothian, Edinburg- Cameron
unknown area- Campbell, Buchanan, Simms/Symmes, Waddle, Huston

County Down, North Ireland- Prunty
Ulster, Ireland- Mann
unknown area- McCarty, Power, Sullivan

Dentzer- Nassau Deggendorf Bayern Germany
Giegel- Nassau Deggendorf Bayern Germany

Conkright- Langendyck, North Holland
Rycken- Amsterdam, North Holland
Quick- Gooiland, North Holland


Cheshire- Taylor
Cornwall –Phillips
Cumberland - Cooke
Lincolnshire- Pell
Norfolk- Pleasants and Larcone {if Jane Burton was Elizabeth Reeves mother}
Nottinghamshire- Hutchins
Shropshire- Houlston
Staffordshire- Houlston,
Suffolk- Horseman
Wiltshire- Cordray, Iremonger
Yorkshire- Settle, Horseman

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