Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our GG grandparents Pie Chart

From Deb Ruth's blog "Adventurers in Genealogy" and Randy Seavers of Gena-Musing's Saturday Night genealogy fun, I decided to learn how to make a pie chart. My daughter did this one, but now I know how to make one. I decided to do what Deb did and make a chart that covered my children's 3 times great grandparents, even then, most were born in Indiana. Our families came very early to Montgomery, Putnam, and Jennings Co., Indiana., Joe had 11 born in Indiana, I had 6. I had 6 from Kentucky and he had 2, which all came about 1900 to Indiana. I had 2 from Ohio, and he had 3, I had one GG that was born in Vermont, who never made it to Indiana, he went to Missouri, and died in Missouri, but his widow came to Indiana. His family is all my New England families that came from England to Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Vermont. I may try making another chart of 4th or 5th grandparents to show where they were before they came to Indiana.

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