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Summary of my 16 GG Grandparents for my 23 and me 3rd cousins:


  1. Hiram Nathaniel Davis- born Feb.15,1825 in Jennings Co., IN., died June 14, 1898, Ladoga, Montgomery Co., Indiana. Had 10 children with Mary Ann Crutchfield; Charles Richard Davis, William Jefferson Davis, Mary Elizabeth Davis Grubb Talton, Hezekiah Davis, Eliza Ann "Annie" Davis Tener, Maggie {died age 2}, James Kemper Sherman Davis, George Washington Davis, Clara Ellen Davis Mount, and John Martin Davis. Hiram served in the Civil War, Union, Co. F Indiana infantry. He injured his shoulder at Vicksburg.
  1. Mary Ann Crutchfield – born Sept. 10, 1831 in Russellville, Putnam Co., IN., died  Jan. 26, 1904, Ladoga, Montgomery Co., Indiana
  1. Seneca Wilcox – born April 1, 1808, Orwell, Addison Co., Vermont, died March 19, 1878 Dawn, Livingston Co., Missouri. Seneca had 4 children with his first wife, Sarah Harrison; Rosanna Wilcox, Mary Susan Wilcox and Sarah Elizabeth "Betty" Wilcox, none of them ever married, and Lorenzo D. Wilcox.  Seneca had 3 daughters with Nancy Christison; Lavina "Vina" Wilcox Bloom, Luevicia "Lou" Wilcox Hanna Hamilton Davis, Elizabeth Catherine "Kate " Wilcox Gibson Runion. Nancy moved to Indiana after Seneca's death and married Samuel Wyatt, the girls all lived in Indiana, Lou in Ladoga, IN., Vina in Huntington Co., IN. and Kate in Hendricks Co., IN., Lavina had 7 children, Lou had 7 children and Kate had 9 children. 
  1. Nancy Christison – born Feb. 10, 1832, Casey Co., Kentucky, died Oct. 3, 1908, Ladoga, Montgomery Co., Indiana. Nancy was married first to Adam Haynes, don't know if she had any children with him. 
  1. James Henry Day – born Feb. 20, 1850, Marion Co., IN., died Jan. 20, 1910, Noblesville, Hamilton Co., Indiana. James had 9 children, 3 with his first wife, Sarah McCoy; Elizabeth Day, Flora Belle Day Toole, Henry L. Day, Sarah died not too long after birth of Henry. James married Nancy Ellen Steen second. He had 6 with Nancy; Maggie Lawton, Andrew Harrison Day, James Ernest Day, Cora Leona Day, infant that died young, and 1 unknown. 
  1. Nancy Ellen Steen – born Feb. 4, 1864, Indiana, died Nov. 23, 1938 Zionsville, Boone Co., Indiana. Married Ed Mundy after death of James Henry Day.
  1. David Henry Chaney {changed name, not legally, to John Henry Morris}- born March 22, 1849 Greene Co., Ohio, died Feb. 8, 1928, Anderson, Madison Co., Indiana. David had 7 children from his marriage to Lucy Janes; Ida Chaney Warnock, Minnie Chaney Straley, Bertha Chaney Vannorsdall Crow Adsit {she died age 100}, Anna Mary Chaney Resler, Emma Chaney Griffith, David Chaney {died before age 21}, and Gertie Chaney Flax. He never divorced Lucy,  he moved to Indiana and went by John Henry Morris, he had 6 children with Elizabeth Kinnaman; Grover Morris, Ervin Morris, Nellie Morris Lewis, Goldie Morris Day Silvers, Henry Morris, and Leroy Morris. 
  1. Elizabeth Della Kinnaman – born July 3, 1865, Ross Co., Ohio, died March 23, 1947, Marion, Grant Co., Indiana 

  1. Joseph Henry Long- born March 22, 1862, Clintwood, Wise Co., VA., died May 18, 1942, Ladoga, Montgomery Co., Indiana. He had 10 children with Lucy Conkright; Samuel Long, Wilburn Long, Alice Long Kirby, Harry Long, Lillian Long Gifford, Mary Long Moore, Peggy Long Hall, Isham Long, Harvey Long and Dorothy Long Weir. Lucy died a few days after giving birth to Dorothy. Joseph married widow, Bettie Smith Kirby, they had a short marriage, that ended in divorce, he then married widow, Alice Flowers Showalter Greenway Sperry. He was married to her for 18 years. He didn't have any children with Bettie or Alice.
  1. Lucy Conkright – born July 18, 1866, Montgomery Co., KY., died March 11, 1907, Ladoga, Montgomery Co., Indiana 
  1. James Powers- born May 3, 1851 Morgan Co., KY., died March 17, 1922, Ladoga, Montgomery Co., Indiana. He had 7 children with Emily Frisby; Sarah Elizabeth Powers Stull, Samuel Turner Powers, Alvin Powers, Lou Ella Powers Long, Merttie Powers Long, Franklin Howard Powers and Beatrice Powers Trump.
  1. Emily Jane Frisby – born Dec. 24, 1856, Bath Co., KY., died Feb. 22, 1944, Ladoga, Montgomery Co., Indiana 
  1. Joseph Butler Rivers – born May 22, 1848, Green Co., KY., died  Dec. 17, 1920, Montgomery Co., Indiana. He had 7 children with Emily Sullivan; Livonia Rivers{died as infant}, Henry W. Rivers, Minnie Grace Rivers Suitors, Joseph Hardin Rivers, Mary Elizabeth Rivers Smith, Robert Stallard Rivers, and Nannie Lutitia Rivers Keller.
  2. Emily Hardin Sullivan – born Jan. 18, 1847, Green Co., KY., died June 9, 1914, Montgomery Co., Indiana 
  1. George Washington Simms – born Sept. 12, 1842 Tippecanoe Co., IN., died Aug. 28, 1916, Montgomery Co., Indiana. He had 9 children with Jane Johnson; Idella Simms {died young}, Sherman Simms, Labon Simms, Frank Simms, Emma Simms {died young}, Etta Mae Simms Rivers, Homer Simms, Cleveland M. Simms {died at 2 from spinal meningitis}, and Otis Simms {died young}. George served in Union army in civil war, 20th battery Indiana, his records state at age 20 he was 6 feet tall, brown hair, grey eyes, he was stationed at Bridgeport, Alabama, he lost his hearing in the war. He filled out a form for the army in 1900 stating he had 9 children, but only 7 living and listed them and marked the ones that were deceased. He died on his 50th wedding anniversary and Jane's 74th  Birthday from a heart attack, while in town transacting business with W.A. Swank, loan officer. His wife and family were planning a surprise anniversary party, and his death was a big shock to them all, even though he was being treated for heart problems.
  1. Phebe Jane Johnson – born Aug. 28, 1842 Crawfordsville, Montgomery Co., IN., died June 8, 1918, Alamo, Montgomery Co., Indiana. Jane had a child before her marriage to George Simms. Mary Arlene Johnson Taylor. Mary's death record says her father was Abner Johnson. I know Jane's maiden was also Johnson as she states in George's pension records she has went my name Jane Johnson since a child, and she is listed in all her Johnson siblings obituaries, so I don't know if she was ever married to Abner Johnson.

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  1. Seneca Wilcox is father of Lavinia Wilcox Married to John Bloom who had a daghter Clara Bloom who maybe is the same Clara who married Samuel Cochran and had a son William Cochran who married Jocie Hedrick Who are my gg grandparents. Please email me at Mike Sours