Friday, April 1, 2011

Fearless Females- Day 31

March 31 — Pick one female ancestor and write a mini-profile (500 words or less).

I pick my great grandmother, Lovisa Wilcox Hanna Hamilton Davis. She was born in Dawn, Livingston Co., Missouri on July 25, 1861 to Seneca and Nancy Christison Wilcox.  Her father passed away in 1878 when she was 17. About 1881 she married David Hanna, in 1882 she had a baby girl, Nancy Hanna, David died before the baby was born. Her mother wanted to move to Indiana, so about 1883 they all moved to Indiana. In Indiana she married James Hamilton and had another baby girl, Mary Hamilton in 1885, not sure what happened to James Hamilton, but she then married my great grandpa, James Davis in 1887. She had 5 children with James {Richard, Rolley, Roscoe, Rutherford and Sylvia}. In 1913 her daughter, Mary Hamilton Davis, age 28, the mother of 3 little children, passed away. In 1917, her daughter, Nancy Hanna, age 34, passed away, the papers said from using too much headache powder. Then in 1918 three of Lovisa’s boys had to go to WW #1.  Rolley and Roscoe were in France. James and Lovisa got word Roscoe was missing in action, later they received word that he was killed in the Meuse- Argonne offensive, he was only 22 years old, and the family took it hard. She sure did witness a lot of young lives dying, they say a parent shouldn’t have to bury their children, and she had to bury 3 in a 6 year time span. She died in 1927 in Grant Co., Indiana, age 64, of heart disease.

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