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Civil War Week

Direct Ancestors:

1.Thomas Powers – Union, Co. E., KY 24th as Sergeant on Dec 31, 1861. Was in Battle of Shiloh, and siege of Corinth, was killed in Nashville, TN. Buried at Madison, Davidson Co., TN. At the Nashville National Cemetery. He left a widow with 7 children to raise, the youngest was only 1. She applied for pension and received it, she never re-married and raised the children on her own in eastern Kentucky, maybe got some help from her mother in law, Leah Powers.
2. Wilburn D. Long- Union, 45th Ky. vol. commanded by Alf Killen. He
says in his denied pension he was shot with a musket ball that broke his bone and the 1880 census says gun shot wound, but he was denied pension, as they said he wasn't on the rolls. His Uncle Joel D. Long, and his wife's uncle, William Henley testified. His younger brothers, Joel and Henry were killed at the battle on Little Mud Creek, Floyd Co., KY., Wilburn’s mother, Elizabeth, filed for pension on her young son, Joel, and she was denied, they said he was a deserter.
3. William Henry Kinnaman-  Enlisted in the Cilvil War on Sept. 14, 1861, 33rd Inf. , Reg. Co. H, Ohio. He was 20 years old. He was discharged because of disability at Bacon Creek, Louisville, KY. on Feb. 1, 1862. His pension states he had deafness in both ears, however he had that since young, but got worst after his service.
4. Hiram Nathaniel Davis – Union, Co. F., 54th IN. inf., injured shoulder at Seige of Vicksburg. He enlisted on Oct. 22,1862 in Company F, 54 Indiana Volunteers , as a private, commanded by Caption Nuff. He was discharged on Dec 8,1863. He was injured near Black River in Mississippi. He was out foraging and he fell off of a wagon , striking on his left shoulder, throwing it out of place, which so disabled him that he was unfit for service the rest of his term. This was on his pension form. the person who told this says he was there and witnessed it. I can not read his name as it is sloppy writing but it looks like John Chapman. Hiram  says  that near a place called Vicksburg in Mississippi on the seventh of Aug, 1863 while out with a foraging party he fell while getting off a wagon load of corn and the hind wheel of the wagon ran over his hips, straighten them apart and badly injuring him, at same time he contracted diarrhea. He received hospital treatment in a convalescent camp somewhere in Georgia, I can't read the writing of where in Georgia. A third witness, James Ballard says he was Hiram's bunkmate, and that he fell off wagon striking his left shoulder, and that he remained with the company but was in the convalescent care until his time expired. Said he had seen Hiram a few times since and he still complained of his shoulder pain.  Hiram applied for pension on Nov 6,1875. Mary applied for his pension on June 21,1889.  Hiram has a cross to his honor at Ladoga Cemetery and is also named on the Civil war Memorial in the entrance to the Ladoga, Montgomery Co.,IN.  Cemetery.

 5. George Washington SimmsUnion, 20th Battery, Indiana, light Artillery, fought in Siege of Atlanta and Battle of Jonesboro, suffered with hearing problems after the war.
6. Daniel Horney - Confederate,  his sons were all signed up with the Union,  but according to Records of the War department, prisoners of war at Point Lookout, Maryland, Daniel Horney was captured at Petersburg, VA., April, 1865 and died in prison May 1, 1865. He was 75 years old. His tombstone marks his service in War of 1812.

1.       Andrew Johnson- Union, 20th Battery, light artillery, Indiana, brother to my GG grandma, Jane Johnson Simms, Andrew was killed in Battle of Chickamauga. Buried in National Cemetery, Chattanooga, TN.
2.       John L. Christison- Confederate, Co. G, Missouri- killed- youngest brother to my GG grandma, Nancy Christison Wilcox.
3.       William Henry Kinnaman’s 4 brothers from Ohio, John, Jeremiah, George and Albert, John died in hospital in Huntsville, Alabama and is buried in Chattanooga National Cemetery, Jeremiah was with Union, Co. E, 149th Ohio inf., he died in rebel prison in Danville, VA. and is buried at Danville National Cemetery, George was in Union, Co. E., 149th Ohio inf., and the youngest, Albert was in Co. C, 81st inf., Ohio, Union. Joseph and Susan had 5 sons fighting in this war { all Union} and the two oldest boys lost their life.
4.       Nehemiah Davis, Union, 2nd Battery, light artillery, Indiana, brother to Hiram Davis, my GG grandpa. I have his pension papers but not on here so from memory, he suffered heat stroke, which caused him to faint and have heart problems.
5. Robert Marion Rivers and James Madison Rivers, brothers to my G G grandpa , Joseph Butler Rivers, who was too young to serve. This from a Rivers cousin, James Rivers : 
Brothers of my great grandfather are two of many of my ancestors who served during the US Civil War. Being from Kentucky, a divided border state, it is understandable that Robert Marion Rivers enlisted in the Confederate Army in Oceola, Missouri, on August 1, 1862, in Company K of Jackman's Regiment, Missouri Infantry and his brother, James Madison Rivers, enlisted in Union Army September 12, 1861 at Camp Dick, Company D. James Madison died of typhoid fever on Nov 28, 1862, in Columbia, Tennessee, having never married. Robert Marion died of pneumonia in a Little Rock, Arkansas military hospital on February 12, 1863. He left a widow with an infant son whom Robert never saw; Caroline took Marshall down the Mississippi and settled in the vicinity of Paris, Texas where his many descendants live today

6. Anna Horney Chaney was my 3rd great grandmother. Her father, Daniel Horney,  a veteran of the war of 1812, at the age of 74, joined the Confederate Army and is on a list of  prisoners at Point Lookout, MD., says he was captured April 1865 at Petersburg and that he died May 1865 in prison. This seems strange to me that he would join the Confederates at the age of 74, and all his sons were serving in the Union. Paris Horney  was second Lt. in the Co. C, 110th, Ohio infantry, Union,  he died in Charleston Race Course  Rebel prison in  Columbia, South Carolina on Nov. 7, 1864. William J. Horney was in Union 168th Ohio infantry, NG, 1st Lt. and John Horney was in Union, 120th Ohio, Co. G. , he was at Vicksburg. One other brother may have served from Illinois. This family was really hurting from the war, if it is true about Daniel fighting with the Confederates and dying in a Union prison, and his son dying in a Confederate prison.

Joe's Ancestors:
1. Milton D. Hopper- Union, Co. K, 40th IN. Vol., Sergeant served 3 years, died at Indianapolis, IN. of Typhoid Fever, left a widow with 6 children, she applied for pension and received it, she never re-married. the youngest child was 2.
2. James Martin Chadwick- Union, New York 2nd Calvary. He lived in Indiana but wanted to join the calvary in New York, he was only 19 and we have a picture of him. He was at Cedar Mountain, Bull Run, Battle of Gettysburg, Appomattox and surrender of Lee. His obituary tells about his service in the war.
3. William T. FryWilliam was enlisted in Union, Company D, 11th,Ohio in 1861, for about 4 months, his father died and he returned to Ohio and taught school that winter. He then re-enlisted in Co. H, 18th, Ohio,for 3 years. He was in battle of Stone River, Hoover's Gap, and Chickamauga. In this last battle he was captured and put in prison.
He spent 18 months in Libby prison at Richmond, VA and in Anderson prision in Georgia.His family says he would never talk about the horrors of the war. Two of his brothers, David Peter and Benjamin Franklin {after
whom William named one of his sons}lost their young lives to the war. 

Joe's Relatives:
1.Milton D. Hopper, above #1, was married to Nancy Higgason, 3 of her brothers were in the Union, William Thomas Higgason was in the 40th Indiana, Co. K. inf., same as Milton, he was a sergeant and was in Shiloh, Stone’s River, Siege of Corinth, Rocky faced Ridge, Siege of Atlanta, Jonesboro, Battle of Nashville. Beverly R. Higgason, her younger brother joined the Illinois 50th, Co. B., he was in Siege of Corinth, and in Chickamauga, Francis Marion Higgason joined the 83rd Illinois, Co. C, Inf., as a rifleman, one month later he was shot by a sniper and broke both bones in his wrist, his injury was so severe his left arm was amputated below the elbow. The Higgason's father, William Higgason, came to Indiana in the 1830's, it has been said it was because he didn't agree with the family owning slaves. His grandfather, John Higgason and great grandfather, Thomas Christmas owned large plantations and owned many slaves in Hanover Co., VA., they willed their slaves to their children and grandchildren, I believe William's father was also a slave owner, and his grandmother, Caty Christmas Higgason, had slaves willed to her from her father.
2.William and John J. Proctor, brothers to Joe’s ancestor, David Proctor, served a few months as Home Guards in Rockcastle  and Lincoln Co., KY.,they lived in  Rockcastle Co., Kentucky, David  was only 17 so he didn’t sign up.

James Martin Chadwick, 2nd New York Calvary

Hiram Nathaniel Davis, Ladoga, IN. Cemetery, in honor of ones who served.

Andrew Johnson, National Cemetery, Chattanooga, TN.

George Washington Simms, about 1866

Thomas Powers, Nashville National Cemetery, TN.

George Washington Simms

William Fry

William Fry, School Teacher, 1910


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    It makes me wonder how many people don't know how much the Civil War affected their families?

    Excellent post.

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  2. That's a great post. Janeen! Thanks for sharing it in the Challenge!