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Brick Wall- James Huston and wife

Time to write about my brick walls, most of them are 3x-5x great grandparents but I have one that is only my 2 x great grandmother and I already wrote about her, here:
 Nancy Ellen Steen Day Mundy

My 4 x great grandparents, James Huston and his wife are a brick wall. Their daughter, Matilda Huston, age 18, married Andrew Johnston, age 47 in Montgomery Co., Indiana on Feb 28, 1830 {Book #1, pg 75} by William Clarke, Ordained Elder.  I can not find any records of James and his wife being in Montgomery Co., IN., why was Matilda there in 1830? Matilda’s death record {Book #1, pg 220, Montgomery Co., IN.} states her father was James Huston and mother unknown, the informant’s name is not given. She died from Gangrene. The death record of Matilda’s oldest son, Kirson Johnson, was answered by Kirson’s son, John.  John states that his grandmother was born in Montgomery Co., Ohio. I know from census that she was born about 1812 in Ohio.
From the book “Early Ohio Tax Records by Esther Weygandt Powell”, I found a James Huston in 1816 in Pickaway Co., Ohio and I found a James and Samuel in 1811 in Preble Co., Ohio living near each other. My mom was told by her mother that they were related to “the” Samuel Huston, but not sure how. The other story in this family is that their grandma’s great grandma {which would be James Huston’s wife} was Native American and was married to an Irish man {Huston surname is Scottish, but maybe he was Scots-Irish}. I can find out if the Native American story is true by my Mom doing mtDNA, as it is her mother’s maternal line.
Matilda says on the 1880 census {last one before her death in 1885} that her mother was born in Virginia, and just a dash for where father was born.
I found a James H. Huston in Hamilton Co., Ohio on the 1820 census, he had 1 female under 10 {Matilda was about 8 in 1820}.
No Huston’s on 1830 Montgomery Co., IN. census, however a Samuel Huston shows up on the 1840 and 1850 and according to birth of his children he was in Indiana 1829-1830. He was married in Montgomery County, Ohio to Nancy Keys. He bought land in Montgomery Co., IN. in 1834, 76.81 acres and it says he is from Montgomery Co., IN., on 1850 he has Phebe, born 1828 Ohio and Joseph, born 1831 in Indiana, Samuel was 72, born 1778 in PA., from the 1840 census he had more children, and one was Nancy who married Teezly Brazilla Taylor in 1842. Somehow, I think Matilda ties to this family. She named her children: George Teezly, Nancy, Phebe, Samuel, Andrew, Matilda, Kirson, Labon, Alexander and Emily, she did not use the name James for any of her children. Samuel Huston’s father was Alexander Huston according to on-line trees, he was born and died in Montgomery Co., Ohio.
Update 7/18/14: Mom has an autosomal DNA match with a son and his mother that goes back to Alexander Huston Sr. and Mary Ann Johnson of Bedford Co., PA. and Montgomery Co., Ohio. Alexander died in 1814 in Montgomery Co., Ohio and his widow remarried. The children took their stepfather to court and court records name all of Alexander's children, his grandchildren and even some great grandchildren. It appears that his son, Alexander Jr., died before him. All of Alexander Huston Jr.'s nine children are listed, one was named James, however, he is not Matilda's father, he married a Nancy Cline.  This Huston family has been traced back to an Scots/Irish family that was originally House-son. Two brothers named Abnor and Albert came to America. Albert came first to Jamestown and choose the spelling Houston, Abnor came to Jamestown and choose Huston as his spelling. Abnor had a son named John Huston that went to PA., it is believed that John Huston was probably the grandfather or great grandfather of Alexander Huston Sr., John Huston had 4 sons, but their names are unknown at this time.

Phebe Jane Johnson Simms, 1866, daughter to Matilda Huston Johnson.

Phebe Jane Johnson Simms, 1910 at a Johnson Reunion.

Phebe Jane and husband, George Simms in middle, about 1903

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