Sunday, April 24, 2011

52 weeks of genealogy- Pets- week 17

I have always had dogs; as far back as I can remember. My first dog was a Beagle; she was given to me by my grandpa Long. I don’t remember what became of her. My second dog was picked out from a litter of puppies that my cousin’s dog had. He lived for a few years and got loose one day and was hit by a truck and died. We had a few more dogs while I lived at home. When I got married, and we moved into our first house with our newborn daughter, we got a dog from some friends, he was part Afghan and maybe Lab, he didn’t have the long hair like the Afghan, but he was so gentle, like a Lab, he let our baby crawl over him and pull his ears. We named him Dog, because we couldn’t come up with a name. He got too big, and we ended up giving him to my sister who lived in the country. My mom then gave my oldest daughter a kitten, only one we ever had, but he was a good cat, very beautiful, independent, and fluffy. My daughter had him from the age of 7 until about 18.We got a puppy in 1992.  She was a big part of my 4 children’s lives, along with the Cat. She was a Lab, German Shepherd, Rottweiler mix. We got her from neighbors, when she was about 6 weeks old, and we had her until her death from cancer at age 12, in 2004. She was a good, gentle, somewhat shy dog, we had many tears when she passed away. She even lived long enough for my first grandchild to know her for a few years. Before her death, my husband got a black lab mix from a friend at work, the mother was a full lab, and he did not know what the father was, the grandparents had been show dogs, she acts very much like the gentle Lab.  We got her in December of 2003, 8 weeks old; she is almost 8 years old, and shares her life with our other dog, a red dog that my daughter got from a shelter as a young pup in 2005. We don’t know what his breed is, maybe some Lab and Vizsla.. He was dumped on the side of the road with his two brothers, and we found him a few weeks later in the shelter. We had a cancer scare just recently with our black Lab, she got a lump removed that was cancerous, but the vet said  they got it all, her hair is still growing back from the operation. I’m sure I will always have dogs, they are such good company and bring so much love into your life, I can not imagine a life without dogs.

My first Dog

Daughter with Dog.

Our 1 and only Cat.

Our Lab/Rot/Shepherd Mix as a baby

Again, Baby

Cat and older Lab/Rot/Shepherd Mix

Black lab mix as a baby and older Lab/Rot/Shepherd Mix

Older Lab/Rot/Shepherd mix

older Black Lab mix

Baby red mix dog

red dog

Best buds


  1. what a sweet story. I too have had so many animals in my familys life time and they are such ahuge part of our familys aren't they? I really enjoyed your post. Hope you post again soon. Tink

  2. What a great collection of pictures/memories you have. Pets are so special to many of us.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)