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My 16 GG Grandparents- Seneca Wilcox and Nancy Christison

Seneca Wilcox and Nancy Christison

Seneca Wilcox was born on April 1, 1808 in Addison Co., Vermont. When I found out he was my great grandmother's father from her death certicate and 2 obituaries, I found a flood of ancestors that came from England to New England in colonial times. I met Jane Wilcox on-line who sent me the information as her GG {I think} grandfather was brother to Seneca. Seneca parents were Ebenezer and Thankful Stevens Wilcox, who were both born in Killingworth, Middlesex Co., Connecticut. The Wilcox's trace back to William Wilcoxson and Margaret, who came over on the Planter in 1635 to Massachusetts with their young son, John, and later was one of first settlers in Stratford, Fairfield Co.,Connecticut and Killingworth, Connecticut. The Stevens trace back to William and Mary Meigs Stevens. William Stevens came over before 1652 and married Mary Meigs in Connecticut, her parents John and Tamazin Fry Meigs had immigrated  to Massachusetts with Mary when she was 5 years old, in 1637 from Devon, England. I really can't write about all of Seneca's ancestors in this blog as there are 35 surnames traced back to England to colonial America. The surname are: Wilcoxson, Kelsey, Disbourgh, Bronson, Smith, Buswell, Bushnell, Grombridge, Hull, Mitchell, Loomis, White, Allgar, Westcott, Marchant, Stevens, Meigs, Fry, Hubble, Wakeman, Gaylord, Buell, Griswold, Post, Hicks, Cruttendeen, Gregson, Hinkson, Gray, Lettice, Spencer, Harris, Joy, Gallop, Bruchett. I have one surname in Seneca's family that has not been traced back to England,  his name was John Sheather, and he lived in Connecticut in colonial times. Seneca moved from Vermont to Dawn, Livingston Co., Missouri with his brother, Horace, before 1839, when he bought 241 acres in Livingston Co., Missouri.. He married Sally Harris in 1842, and had 4 children with her {Rosana, Mary, Betty and Lorenzo} before her death by 1859 when he married Nancy Christison Haynes, a widow. Seneca and Nancy had 3 children { Lavina, Lovisa,and Elizabeth} When Seneca died Nancy moved with her 3 girls, Lovisa  {my great grandmother}  Elizabeth,  and Lavina Bloom and family to Indiana.

Seneca Wilcox

Seneca Wilcox, Christison Cemetery, Dawn, Livingston Co., Missouri

Nancy Christison - Nancy was born in Lincoln or Casey Co., Ky., her great grandfather , John Christison came to Lincoln Co., KY. {part that later became Casey Co., KY.} from Baltimore, Maryland with his adult children in 1788, his wife, Margaret Hamilton Christison had died in Baltimore, Maryland. Nancy's grandfather, William Christison died in 1807 and left small children, one being Nancy's father, William Christison {age 3}. Court records say his guardian was James Brooks, in 1809. William Christison grew up in Casey Co., KY. and married Mary. I have not found their marriage application yet, and I can not read what her name is from Nancy's death certificate, it looks like Heller. Nancy's marriage record says Hellum. William and Mary moved  to Dawn, Livingston Co., Missouri by 1850. Nancy's two brothers, George and Leonard went to the California Gold Rush about 1851, and  George ended up getting married while there. He sent his money he was making home to his father, he ended up dying in El Dorado, California in 1853, and his widow sued his father and brother, William and Leonard Christison, saying she should have some of the money, but the courts let William and Leonard keep the money. At the age of 22 in 1854, Nancy married Adam Haynes, not sure what happened to him, but she married Seneca Wilcox in 1859, a widower, with 4 children, Nancy was 14 years younger than Seneca. On the 1900 census Nancy says she was the the mother of 7 children but only 2 living {Lovisa and Elizabeth}so she either had 4 children with Adam Haynes or Seneca, that had died, unless she was just counting her 4 step-children as her children {but 2 of them were still living in 1900}.When the civil war started, her youngest brother, John L. Christison, age 18, joined the Confederates, by 1862 he was killed in a battle. After Seneca's death in 1878 she didn't have any family left, except a few nieces and nephews, her mother had died in 1870 of Scrofula, a type of T.B. in the lymph nodes of the neck, Her father and last living brother, Leonard, both died in 1875, so she packed up and  left for Indiana, with her two youngest daughters, her daughter Lavina Bloom and husband, John Bloom, and two small children, Clara and William Bloom and Lovisa's daughter, Nancy Hanna. John and Lavina Bloom settled in Huntington Co., IN. where he had family. They had 5 more children together and in 1889, Lavina died, age 29, probably in childbirth, as she had a baby in 1889. Nancy and the 2 youngest girls went to Boone Co., Indiana first, and she married Samuel Wyatt. The two girls went to Hendricks Co., Indiana and in 1884, Elizabeth married John Gibson and Lovisa married James Hamilton. Elizabeth lived out her life in Hendricks Co., IN., I believe she divorced John Gibson and then married in 1887 to William Newton Runion, a widower with 10 children, he was 20 years older than Elizabeth and it was his fourth marriage, but they ended up having 7 children together.  Nancy and Lovisa then moved to Montgomery Co., Indiana, I do not know what happened to James Hamilton, but in 1887 Lovisa married James Davis. Samuel and Nancy helped raise Nancy Hanna from Lovisa's first marriage, the father, David Hanna, had died before Nancy Hanna was born. Nancy died in Montgomery Co., IN., I don't know any more about Nancy's ancestors except for her great grandmother, Margaret Hamilton, may have been from Ireland, her father was Thomas Hamilton and a Thomas Hamilton has a U.S. naturalization card in Baltimore, Maryland from Ireland. I don't know if this is Margaret's father, but I am sure her father was Thomas Hamilton, who leased land in Baltimore in 1744, age 50, and named his two children, William, age 14, and Margaret, age 17.

Nancy Christison Wilcox

Lovisa Wilcox Davis, Rutherford Davis, Nancy Christison Wilcox Wyatt

Lovisa Wilcox Hanna Hamilton Davis

Lavina Wilcox Bloom


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