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My 16 GG Grandparents- #1 and 2.

Hiram Nathaniel Davis and Mary Ann Crutchfield
I have been blogging about Fearless females almost all month. I am now going to write each day about my 16 great grandparents. Today will be :

Hiram Nathaniel Davis- Hiram was born Feb. 25, 1825 in Jennings Co., Indiana. He married Mary Ann Crutchfield on June 30, 1850 in Boone Co., IN., by 1860 they were in Montgomery Co., Indiana were they raised 10 children ; Charles, William, Mary, Hezekiah, Eliza "Ann", Maggie {died at age 2}, James K.S. {my great grandpa}, George, Clara Ellen, and John. In 1861 before my great grandpa was born, Hiram joined the civil war.
 He enlisted on Oct. 22,1862 in Company F, 54 Indiana Volunteers , as a private, commanded by Caption Nuff. He was discharged on Dec 8,1863. He was injured near Black River in Mississippi. He was out foraging and he fell off of a wagon , striking on his left shoulder, throwing it out of place, which so disabled him that he was unfit for service the rest of his term. This was on his pension form, the person who told this says he was there and witnessed it. I can not read his name as it is sloppy writing but it looks like John Chapman. Hiram says that near a place called Vicksburg in Mississippi on the seventh of Aug, 1863 while out with a foraging party he fell while getting off a wagon load of corn and the hind wheel of the wagon ran over his hips, straighten them apart and badly injuring him, at same time he contracted diarrhea. He received hospital treatment in a convalescent camp somewhere in Georgia, I can't read the writing of where in Georgia. A third witness, James Ballard says he was Hiram's bunkmate, and that he fell off wagon striking his left shoulder, and that he remained with the company but was in the convalescent care until his time expired. Said he had seen Hiram a few times since and he still complained of his shoulder pain. Hiram applied for pension on Nov 6,1875. Mary applied for his pension on June 21,1889. Hiram has a cross to his honor at Ladoga Cemetery and is also named on the Civil war Memorial in the entrance to the Ladoga, Montgomery Co.,IN. Cemetery.
Hiram's parents are listed on his death certificate : Charles and Sally Davis.
Charles Michael and Sarah Ann "Sally" Davis were married in Jennings Co., Indiana on Dec. 22, 1822. I have not been able to find out who Charles's parents were. A bible record just says Charles William and Sarah Elizabeth. Charles was born in Amherst Co., VA., Sally's parents were Nathaniel and Margaret Murley Davis who were living in Jennings Co., Indiana. Nathaniel and Margaret were married in Pulaski Co., Kentucky and had lived in Cumberland Co., KY. before coming to Jennings. I do not know who Nathaniel's father was. Nathaniel was born in Virginia. Margaret Murley is probably the daughter of the Irish Murley's that came from Chester Co., PA. to Shenandoah valley of Augusta Co., VA. and Greenbrier Co., West Virginia, that is all I have been able to trace on my Davis's. My Dad did DNA, but so far not much luck with that, just that we are Western European.

To his honor in Ladoga Cemetery, Montgomery Co., IN.

Hiram Nathaniel Davis, Wesly Cemetery, Clark twp., Montgomery Co., Indiana

Mary Ann Crutchfield- She was born Sept. 10, 1831 in Russellville, Putnam Co., Indiana. Her parents, Richard and Keziah Owen Crutchfield came from Clark Co., KY. to Putnam, Indian in 1826. Mary Ann was the second youngest to a family of  11 children, her obituary states she was last to die of a family of 11 children.
The Crutchfield's go back to Nicholas Crutchfield who was a Revolutionary
 Soldier in Goochland Co., VA. and moved to Clark Co., KY.
Her Owen family came from Wales to PA., then Duck Creek, New Castle, Delaware,  Maryland, and then Clark Co., KY., her grandfather, John Owen was in the Revolutionary War in Montgomery Co., MD.
 He served in the Corps called the " Flying Camp" under command of Capt. Amon Riggs. In an affidavit made in Clark Co., Ky. on Jan. 26, 1833 he stated that he was in the Battle of Germantown under General Washington. In 1788, John , with his brothers, Lawrence and Thomas, left Maryland and settled in Clark Co., Ky. on Four-Mile Creek, in a settlement now known as " Pinchem" He is buried in Owen graveyard near site of his home. A goverment marker has been erected at his grave.
Her great grandfather Francis Cullom was also in Revolutionary War from Maryland.
From Revolutionary Patriots of Montgomery Co., Maryland, 1776- 1783, by Henry C. Peden, JR., 1996 :He was in the REV. war he was Private 2nd company Middle battalion Militia, Sept 4, 1777, PVT 5th class , 3rd Company , Middle Bn, July 15, 1780. Took oath of Allegiance, Feb 28,1778, of Montgomery Co., Maryland. He has a will in Clark Co., KY., names children, Mary Owen, Abigail Owen, William, Fanny Mcdevinid, Susannah, Frances Tilman, Edward Northcraft Cullom. I have a copy of his will. He put in his will for 6 of his slaves to be set free at certain times and ages, Abigail to be set free on the first of January next, Jack to be set free on the 10th of March 1812, Joe to be set free 5 years after the date of this will, Terry to be set free 7 years after date of this will, Sam to be set free 10 years after this will, and the boy, Charles, to be set free 15 years after this will, if Terry should have any children, if they should be boys, to be set free at 21 years of age.
Francis was married to Susanah Northcraft. Her parents were Edward and Elizabeth Fryer Northcraft. Edward also had slaves. He left a will naming Susanah Cullom as his daughter.His wife was Elizabeth Fryer. Her parents were Richard and Elizabeth Trail Fryer from Maryland. Elizabeth Trail's parents had immigrated from Orkney Islands, Scotland to Prince George Co., MD. Her grandmother's maiden name was Balfour from Orkney Islands, Scotland.

Mary Ann Crutchfield Davis, sometime before 1904.

Mary Ann Crutchfield Davis, Westly Cemetery, Clark Twp., Montgomery Co., Indiana

Keziah Owen Crutchfield, Methodist Church Cemetery, Waveland, Montgomery Co., Indiana, buried with her son, John, and his first wife.

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