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March 20- Fearless Females

March 20 — Is there a female ancestor who is your brick wall? Why? List possible sources for finding more information.

I have four, but I’ll just write about one today. She is from my Dad’s family, my GG grandma, Nancy Ellen Steen Day Mundy.
Facts I have about her:
She was born Feb. 4, 1864 in Indiana. She married James Henry Day on Oct. 4, 1883, age 19, it was her first marriage and his second, his first wife had died on June 1880, and he had 3 children to raise. They were married by the JP. I assume Nancy helped raise his children since there is not an 1890 census, and by 1900 they were grown. I know from 2 birth certificates I found that Nancy and James had 2 children in Marion Co., IN., Maggie L. Day, born Oct. 29, 1885,  and James Ernest Day born June 8, 1897. I have not found my great grandfather’s birth record, however, he says on his Social Security application that he was born on April 1889 in Castleton, Marion Co., IN. I have no idea where Nancy was in 1870. I did find a Nancy J. Steen, age 16, in Washington Twp., Marion Co., Indiana with a John Steen, age 45, born Indiana and James Steen, age 12, born Indiana, not sure about this as she always put her name as Nancy E. or Nancy Ellen. A researcher contacted me and said Nancy’s brother was Andrew Steen, she said she had relatives that remembered Nancy, so where was her brother, Andrew in 1880? Who is James Steen?  Her death record says her father was Andrew Steen and mother was Mary. Her obituary states she died at her sister’s house, Mrs. Robert Reed of Zionsville, Indiana on Nov. 23, 1938, it states she had been living with her for one year.

 John Steen that was on the 1880 in Washington twp., Marion Co., IN. that had Nancy J. and James, died in 1885 in Marion Co., IN., he had married a Mary C. Steen on Nov. 20, 1865 in Boone Co., Indiana. This was probably not Nancy’s mother, since she was born 1864. Nancy shows up on 1900 census in Hamilton Co., Indiana with her husband James Henry Day, and sons Andrew and Ernest. James Henry Day died Jan 20, 1910. At some point after 1910 census and before 1920 census, she married Edward Mundy. I can not find a record for their marriage. I have looked in Boone, Tipton, Marion and Hamilton. In 1916 Nancy and Ed are listed in Noblesville, Indiana living at 147 W. South. In 1920 they were listed in Noblesville at 127 W. Chestnut. She is on 1910 census as widowed, with her daughter, Cora, also living with her is Edward Mundy, age 45, listed as divorced boarder. Her and Ed are on the 1920 in Noblesville, Indiana.

Now, the stories my grandma has told me makes it more confusing. Grandma says Nancy was dropped off on orphanage steps and an Indian maiden was seen running away. Grandma says Nancy told her she could still smell the campfires. My grandma was young when those stories were told to her, maybe she got mixed up on what she heard. The orphanage records in Marion Co., Indiana have been searched and her name was not found. Grandma could have been hiding something from us, as she did with her grandfather, David Henry Chaney a.k.a., John Henry Morris. She hid other things in her family that I can’t write about right now.
Things I can still do : look in all counties around Hamilton County to find her and Ed’s marriage application.
Try to find more on her sister, Mrs. Robert Reed.
Do more census searches on the Steen surname in Indiana.
Update 7/18/14-  Jonathan Steen, age 16 is on the 1850 census in Clinton Co., IN., with a William and Harriett Steen and their young children. I do not think Jonathan is their son, but is probably related to them. I think this may be Jonathan Steen, father to Nancy Ellen Steen Day Mundy, Andrew Jackson Steen, and Elizabeth" Lizzie" Steen Rosso Reed. Nancy's son, James Day, put on his marriage application that Nancy was born in Clinton Co., IL., but I think it was suppose to say IN., Nancy put on her marriage application to her second husband, Edward Mundy in 1914, that she was born in Clinton Co., IN. and her parents were Jonathan Steen, born Clinton Co., IN. and Mary C. Steen, born Clinton Co., IN., Andrew Steen's daughters marriage applications both state Andrew was born in Clinton Co., IN., Lizzie Steen states on her marriage application she was born in Clinton Co., IN., however she may have a different mother as she states her parents as Jonathan and Mary Ellen Steen. I need to look some more in Clinton Co., IN., and Nancy stating her mother was Mary C. Steen, however, Jonathan married Mary after the birth of Nancy { Nancy was 3 months shy of being 2 years old when he married Mary C. Steen}. 

Charlie Day, Mildred Day, Andrew Day, Nancy Steen Day Mundy

Nancy Steen Day Mundy and Andrew Harrison Day

Edward Mundy and Nancy Steen Day Mundy

Nancy Steen Day Mundy with grandchild.

Day Family about 1918
Back: Waneta and Ernest Day, Andrew Day, Nancy Steen Day Mundy, Mildred Day
Front: Harry Day, Chelsie Day, Goldie Morris {Chaney} Day holding Charles Day.

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