Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fearless Females - March 24 Inherited Traits

March 24 — Do you share any physical resemblance or personality trait with one of your female ancestors? Who? What is it?

 I have red curly hair. My dad has blond curly hair and my mom has dark wavy hair. The red hair came from 4 of my great grandparents: Merttie Lee Powers Long, Goldie Morris {Chaney} Day, James Davis and Joe Rivers. Where did my dad get his curly hair? I'm not sure, but I assume it was from his Davis family, I do know that his Great grandpa, Hiram Nathaniel Davis, had a sister, Diantha Davis Arney who had red curls. I have green eyes like my Dad, but his mom, Mildred Day Davis had green eyes, and I think she had them from her mom, Goldie Morris {Chaney} Day. I also inherited shortness from my female ancestors. My mom was 4 foot 11. My great grandma, Merttie Powers Long was 5 foot tall, my grandma Davis was about 5 foot and her mom, Goldie, was under 5 foot. I am 5 foot 1 inches tall. I think it's funny that we are short on my mom's side and her maiden name is Long, which means a tall person, but there are lots of tall men in that family, and I have one Aunt on that side that is taller, but my mom also has the surname Short on her mom's side.

Mildred Day with her brothers. her hair looks wavy here.

Great grandma Goldie's hair looks curly here. She always had short hair in all the pictures I have seen of her.

Lots of curly hair here:  Davis/Day/Chaney family

Me, my brother, my little sis and Aunt Pat. Aunt Pat had the Davis curly hair, it is pulled back here.

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  1. love all your pictures, you are just making this place prettier and prettier, Tink