Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fearless Females- Day 27

March 27 — Do you know the immigration story of one or more female ancestors? Do you have any passenger lists, passports, or other documentation? Interesting family stories?

Most all of my female ancestor came to colonial America in the 1600’s.
One interesting story is about my 9x great grandmother, Christobel Bruchett Gallop. Her husband, John Gallop, came to America on the Mary and John in March 1630, she did not come at that time, maybe because she was pregnant, but she was afraid to leave her home in Dorset, England.  I wrote about her in this blog: Christobel

My 8x great grandmother, Elinor Norman Cook , a Quaker, sailed from Cheshire, England to Philadelphia with her husband and 7 children, their passage was paid by their Quaker friends in England. Her husband, Peter Cook, died at sea. After Elinor got to Philadelphia, her baby {15 months old} died, it is written in the Quaker minutes that Peter Cook, father of the baby, died at sea. Elinor later remarried.

My 8x great grandmother, Mary Bronson, came from Essex, England to Massachusetts with her older brothers. Mary’s mother had died in England, and Mary’s brother and wife were taking care of her, she was about 14. She got into some trouble with some boys when in Massachusetts, and was quickly married to an older man, Nicholas Disbrough, who she had 5 daughters with.


  1. so fascinating that your able to go back to colonial times with your family history. I'm a bit envious of that.

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  3. Jennie, I was only able to do it with the Quakers and my great grandma Davis who was a Wilcox, they all traced back to England and came to New England. A distant cousin, Jane Wilcox, who is a professional genealogist, did most of it, I found some more after the information she gave me {the Gallop's for one} and my grandma Davis's cousin was a LDS so he did lots of work on the Chaney/Kinnamon family. I do have brick walls on some of my family. I was surprised to find out about all the wonderful New England history in my dad's family as we never even knew his grandma, my great, as she died before he was born and he didn't even know her name, and then to find all the ancestors her parents had, probably one of my biggest genealogy finds when I met Jane Wilcox on-line.