Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fearless Females- Day 26

What education did your mother receive? Your grandmothers? Great-grandmothers? Note any advanced degrees or special achievements.

My mother graduated from a small town high school with 23 other Students, 13 males and 10 females. Many years later she took courses in the mail and was a teacher at a Christian School.
My grandma Davis went to school in Rush, Grant and Randolph County, Indiana. She says in her writings that she went to West School in Gas City, Indiana from 4th-8th grade, she says she graduated from there with honors, however in her other writings she says she was pulled out of school and put to work in a restaurant in Yorktown, Indiana,  so I think she graduated 8th grade and got a few more years of schooling then was pulled out to work, this was about 1927. She says in her writings it was her last year at West School in Gas City and there were only two she can remember who were graduates. She says the teacher chose her to be a part of the program for graduation and the rural schools for the whole county came together. She says her Aunt Nellie agreed to take her for a few speaking lessons from a teacher’s wife. She says she won the declamation award and it gave her a better opinion of herself and she gave her teacher credit for that.
My grandma Long went to school in Montgomery County, Indiana, I don’t think she graduated, I know my grandpa Long did, but not sure about her.
My Great grandma Long went to school in Eastern Kentucky and I don’t know if she graduated.
My great grandma Davis went to school in Livingston Co., Missouri. I don’t know if she graduated or not, she died before I was born and I haven’t heard any stories about her childhood.
My great grandma Simms went to school in Montgomery Co., IN. and I do not know if she graduated.
My great grandma Morris {Chaney} had to move all the time because of her father lying about his name, so I don’t think she ever graduated. My grandma Davis says she never heard about her mother’s childhood. I have heard that her mother had been a school teacher when she lived in Ohio, so maybe her mom home schooled her.

Glenda Long, Graduation Day, 1957

Grandma, Mildred Day, probably about 16 here, about 1927

Great Grandma, Etta Mae Simms {on left} with a friend. Probably about 17 or 18 here, about  1896

Great grandma, Merttie Lee Powers, age 15, Mt. Sterling, KY., 1901

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