Friday, March 11, 2011

Fearless Females- Day 11

March 11 — Did you have any female ancestors who died young or from tragic or unexpected circumstances? Describe and how did this affect the family?

My GG Grandma, Lucy Conkright was born July 18, 1866 in Montgomery Co., KY., the 16th of 17 children born to Benjamin Laken Conkright.  Lucy's mother was his second wife, Mary C. Phillips. Mary died at the age of 40 in 1871, not sure why Mary died. She had 6 children with Laken,{ John, James, Nancy, Milton, Lucy and Sallie}. John was 10 , Lucy was 5 and Sallie was 2 when Mary died. Laken and Mary are on the 1870 Montgomery Co., KY. census with their 6 children and 2 daughters from Laken's first marriage, 4 years later, Laken died, age 57. Lucy was now 9, and an orphan. Sam and Elizabeth Clark took Lucy to raise. He attached a note to her marriage application to Joseph Henry Long saying he took Lucy to raise and made sure she got her schooling, and he gave his permission for her to marry, she was 17 when she married. I found her on the 1880 census with Samuel Clark, listed as Lucy Clark, age 14, adopted daughter, but when she got married it said Lucy Conkright. Lucy died March 1907, age 40, 3 days after giving birth to her 10th child. Her two oldest boys, Sam and Wilburn had just married the Powers sisters, 3 months before their mother's death, her oldest daughter, Alice, was 18, Harry was 16, Lillian was 14, Mary was 12, Peggy was 10, Isham was 7, and Harvey was 4. Joseph Henry Long then married a widowed lady in Nov. 1907, who had 12 children of her own, but only 5 still living at home,  a few years later she took off to Grant Co., IN. with her children, and she was served divorce papers for abandonment. He married a third time, and stayed married to her until his death in 1942. There is another story about Joseph and Lucy's daughter, Alice, that I can't write about, however, Alice married 3 months after her mother's death, 7 years later at the age of 25, she was dead, leaving 3 small children. 

I do not know how these deaths affected the families, but I'm sure they did. I did hear that they took the death of Alice very hard. Alice was brought from Illinois and buried in the Ladoga cemetery near her mother.

Ladoga Cemetery, Ladoga, Indiana

Alice Long Kirby

Joseph and Lucy Long, Ladoga, Indiana cemetery

Lucy Conkright Long

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  1. How sad that Alice died so young. I bet it was terribly hard on them.