Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fearless Females- Day 10

March 10 — What role did religion play in your family? How did your female ancestors practice their faith? If they did not, why didn’t they? Did you have any female ancestors who served their churches in some capacity?

Most were Baptist, Methodist or Quakers.
I am so happy we have the freedom today to practice and believe how we want without persecution. I have been reading about Wenlock Christison in The History Of Talbot Co., MD., I do not know if he is an ancestor of mine, but I am related to Christison’s that were in Talbot. Wenlock was persecuted for his Quaker faith in the New England colonies, he was imprisoned and he was whipped from town to town.

Also read about Ann Hutchison, a brave lady. Who spoke her mind about what she believed the Bible had to say and was holding meetings in her house. She was brought to court and banished from Massachusetts. She then went to Rhode Island, not my ancestor, but she was very brave. I do not understand how the people who came from England to New England for religious freedom still brought people to court who did not believe like they did. Can you imagine being whipped for not believing the way they said you should?

Mary Post Buell and her husband William Buell , my 9th great grandparents, from HuntingdonshireEngland,  on Oct. 1650 were indicted in Plymouth Colony as Baptist, continuing their meeting from house to house on the lord's day contrary to the order of the Court; however, it does not appear that any punishment was inflicted. William and Mary did leave Plymouth and became  co-founders of WindsorCT.

Juliana Marchant Westcott and her husband Suckley Westcott , my 8th great grandparents were married at St. John the Baptist Church at Yeovil, Somerset, England. They came to Massachusetts about 1635 with their 6 children. They were ordered to leave Salem, Massachusetts, so they followed Roger Williams to Providence, Rhode Island and co-founded the first Baptist Church in America with Roger Williams and 13 others.
My grandma’s Day ancestors, Christopher and Margaret Day were baptized in Nov of 1714 at Pennypack Baptist Church in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania that my husband’s ancestor, Rev. Thomas Dungan had started for the Welsh and Irish Baptist. It was the first Baptist Church of Pennsylvania in 1682.

My grandma Long’s {Violet Rivers Long}  family, which included Rivers, Sullivan, Hunt, Short, and Shively came from Virginia to  Campbellsville, Green County, Ky. And organized the Good Hope Baptist Church in 1796 and it is still in existence today.

  Great grandma Long {Merttie Powers Long} played the piano for her church, it was Haw Creek Church of Christ.

Grandma Davis {Mildred Day Davis} taught Sunday school at the Ladoga Methodist Church.

Great Grandma Simms {Etta Mae Simms Rivers} was Baptist, I think it was Freedom Baptist Church she went to, but I don’t know if she taught Sunday school or played piano.

GG grandma Davis {Mary Crutchfield Davis} went to Methodist Church, her ancestors Crutchfield and Owen were Methodist. Her husband, Hiram Davis, had been raised Baptist in Jennings County, but he went to Methodist Church with her, after they were married.

GG grandma Morris {Elizabeth Kinnaman Morris} was a member of Pilgrim Holiness Church in Grant Co., Indiana. Not sure what religion that is. Her parents were Methodist.

GGG grandma Davis {Sarah Ann Davis} went to the Bush Creek Baptist Church in Jennings Co., Indiana.

 I was raised in the Baptist Church, we went to Ladoga Methodist for 6 years, then my dad drove us to Crawfordsville 3 times a week to a Baptist Church, as there was not a Baptist church in Ladoga at that time, there is now, and the funny thing is, it is just down the street from where we grew up. My mom has taught Sunday school for many years at different Baptist Churches and taught school in a Baptist Church.

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  1. What wonderful women to have as examples in your life.