Monday, March 7, 2011

Fearless Female- Day 7

March 7 — Share a favorite recipe from your mother or grandmother’s kitchen. Why is this dish your favorite? If you don’t have one that’s been passed down, describe a favorite holiday or other meal you shared with your family.

Me with Grandma and Grandpa Davis
My grandma Davis made Divinity for us every Christmas. She put it in a basket with other fudges, fruit, nuts, and honey from her bees. As she got older she couldn’t make the Divinity anymore. I asked her for her recipe and she gave it to me. It takes a lot of work to get it just right, but I got good at making it. One year I made her some, I think she liked it that someone else was making it. I have not made it for a few years now and I have misplaced the recipe. I will post it here when I find it, it's like most of the Divinity recipes you can find all over the internet now, but instead of using a candy  thermometer, she said cook until a drop added to cold water makes a semi-hard ball.


  1. OMGosh divinity is heavenly!! How lucky you are to have her recipe.

  2. Thanks, Paula, I have to find it, trying to get all my papers organized.