Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fearless Females - Day 5

March 5 — How did they meet? You’ve documented marriages, now, go back a bit. Do you know the story of how your parents met? Your grandparents?

I can tell you how my parents met, as my mother wrote it down for me in  A Family Legacy for Your Children, Reflections from a Mother’s Heart. She says; I was just thirteen when we moved across the field from your father. What attracted me to him was he was so quiet and so gentlemanly. Later when I was sixteen and he went off to service, my Sunday School teacher ask us to write. He wrote to both Germaine and I, but when he came home on his first leave, he came looking for me. We were going together on my 17th birthday. By that September he bought home an engagement ring, and we were married the next June. I was engaged my whole senior year. Your father is true, honest, faithful and kind.
As for my grandparents, I know my grandma, Mildred Louise Day, met my grandpa, Rutherford Davis when she was working in a restaurant in Gas City or Winchester, Indiana. Grandpa had lived most of his life in Montgomery Co., Indiana, but was in Grant Co., Indiana looking for work, this was in 1927. His mother had also moved to Grant Co., IN. as she had nieces who lived there, also his younger sister was living at home. Mildred had grown up all over eastern Indiana.  She had lived in Randolph, Henry, Rush, Madison, and Grant Co., Indiana. She was being raised by her Aunt and her father, living with them, her siblings and her cousins. Rutherford’s mother, Lou Vica Wilcox Davis, died Fed. 18, 1927 in Hanfield, Grant Co., Indiana. Rutherford had been taking care of his mother. On Dec. 24, 1928 Rutherford and Mildred were married in Yorktown, Delaware Co., Indiana, Rutherford was 30, Mildred was 17. They then moved to Montgomery Co., Indiana and lived there the rest of their lives.
Not sure how grandpa and grandma Long met. They both lived in Montgomery Co., Indiana. Wilburn Long Jr. and Violet Rivers married on July 30, 1936, she was 17, and he was 23.
Wilburn and Violet Rivers Long, about 1949

Ruford and Glenda Long Davis, wedding Day, June 9, 1957

Rutherford and Mildred Day Davis

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  1. What a neat story and how cool that it's in her own words!! Thanks for sharing.