Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chaney/Morris Family Secret

Anna Mary and Gertie Chaney

My great great grandfather lived a lie, and he hurt people while doing it. He was born in Greene County, Ohio as David Henry Chaney. He married his first cousin, Lucy Janes. He had eight children with Lucy, most of them girls {Ida, Minnie, Bertha, Anna, Emily, Gertie, and 1 son, David Melvin }I do not know who the other child was, I assume it died young, as doesn't show up on the census, Anna's obituary says she was 5th born of 8 children.  In 1880 David was on the census in Clinton Co., Ohio with his family and it said he was a loafer and he had a hernia. Not long after this census he left his family in Ohio. Lucy had a new born baby, Gertie, that she kept with her, but the rest of the children were put in the Clinton County, Ohio infirmary, Clinton Co., Ohio Infirmary records, Vol #2, pg 256, Chaney, Ida, 12, Minnie, 10, Bertha, 8, Anna, 7, Emma, 4, Melvin David, 2, admitted Feb. 19, 1881. They were discharged on Aug. 25, 1882 , notes on history says all but Ida Chaney are marked as discharged, Aug. 25, 1882 by order of the Board.  Anna Mary was adopted by John W. and Sarah Baugh Carr at the age of 7, on March 7, 1881 {from her obituary}Meanwhile, David Henry meets up with Elizabeth Kinnaman from Ross Co., Ohio. She is 17 years younger than him {Elizabeth was 16 in 1881 and David was 33}. A researcher found a marriage license in Ross Co., Ohio, Oct. 5, 1883 for Lizzie Kinnaman and Henry White, it was never returned. Could this have been his first attempt at a name change? They had a son {Grover Morris} in Lenawee Co., Michigan in 1884. At some point David starts using the name John Henry Morris. He never legally changed his name and he never legally married Elizabeth. By 1900 they were in Defiance Co., Ohio. They show up on the census as Morris, by 1910 they were in Indiana. I checked all his children's marriage application, death records and social security cards and they always said their father was John Henry Morris, born Ohio. In 1884 David/ John's father {Iradell Chaney} died. David was in the will {written 1877} but he was not in the names of the ones to appear in probate court and it did not list David as deceased, or list his children with Lucy as heirs. I also checked David and Lucy's children's marriage application. The girls always put their mother as Lucy Janes and father as David Chaney except the youngest girl {Gertie} must have gotten news of her father in Indiana, as she put down his name as John Chaney and mother Lucy Janes. Lucy was probably angry {in 1888} as she put on the oldest girl's marriage application that the girl "has no father living."  David/John was my grandma Davis's grandfather. When I started doing genealogy I thought I had to look for Morris, but my grandma told us that was not his name, the rest of the story came out later from a letter her cousin wrote. David / John's mother was Anna Horney Chaney and her lineage has been traced back to the Mayflower, John Howland and the Tilley's and Richard Warren. I do not know if I can ever prove on paper that David Henry Chaney was also John Henry Morris. Lucy never remarried. I have one of the daughter's obituaries {Anna Mary} and it says she was adopted by the Carr's in 1881. Not sure where else to look besides the death certificates of Lucy's daughters, but that information is from whoever answered them at their death. Grandma says that two of the daughters found her Aunt Nellie, Emma was on the 1900 census in Delaware Co., IN. but David/ John had moved his second family to Defiance Co., Ohio in 1900. In 1910 David/John was back in Indiana living in Henry Co., IN., and his daughters, Emma and Gertie were living in Muncie, Delaware Co., IN., in 1920 David/John was living in Rush Co., IN. and Emma and Gertie were in Anderson, Madison Co., IN.  I just found out from Clinton Co., Ohio infirmary records that David/John as David H. Chaney was admitted to the Clinton Co., Ohio infirmary on Nov, 27, 1923, age 74, native of Greene Co., Ohio {vol. #3, pg. 32} he was there for 3 years. He was discharged on July 12, 1926 to a nephew, Jeuano Wolf {married to David's niece, Mary Malissa Chaney} who was taking him to Indiana to a son who agrees to care for him. David/John died two years later in Anderson, Madison Co., IN. in 1928 {age 78, arteriosclerosis and infection of bladder} and Emma is on the 1930 still living in Anderson. Gertie had moved back to Ohio. David/John death certificate says John Morris, and his wife did not name his parents. His Tombstone in Park Cemetery, Fairmount, Grant Co., Indiana says John Morris. The picture above is of Anna Mary and Gertie Chaney. I think my next move on this would be to find Gertie's death certificate as I have her death date in Ohio, maybe they found her dad and maybe her husband said something on her death certificate, maybe.

Update to my first blog post: I have a matching segment of autosomal DNA with a woman, maiden name Horney, she shares 2 sets of ancestors with me,as they married siblings. Anna Horney Chaney, mother of David Henry Chaney {aka John Henry Morris}was sister to her ancestor, John Calloway Horney, sharing the parents as our ancestors, Daniel Horney and Margaret Calloway. David Henry Chaney's { aka John Henry Morris} father was Iredell Chaney, and Iredell's sister, Nancy Chaney, married John Calloway Horney, so we also share the parents, Edward Chaney and Sarah Jackson. I have another match on this same chromosome that matches this lady and I, and he has Evans listed in his surnames. Edward Chaney Sr. was married to Darcus Evans. I will add more updates as I get more matches to this Chaney/Horney family. Update Oct 2013: Dad now has his autosomal DNA done at FTDNA. He has two cousins from the Chaney/Horney family, one is a 4th cousin, 1 x removed, his ancestor was Anna Horney Chaney's sister, Mary Horney Janes. The other is a 5th cousin, her ancestor was Paris Horney, David Henry Chaney's uncle, she also shares  2 segments with dad and  shares the Beals/Bowater Quaker family, that is also in David Chaney's grandmother's lineage { Sarah Jackson Chaney}.

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